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Nad Cassette Deck

The vtg Nad 6325 stereo cassette Deck is a fully working- see pictures power button, it comes with an included cable, and is compatible with all victrola models.

Nad Cassette Deck Ebay

This Nad 6300 monitor series stereo cassette Deck is a rare item! It is a good example of a terrific of the Nad 6300 series stereo cassette decks, this card is an unequaled addition to the Nad 6300 series subjective and an excellent alternative for a music scoring or audio production career. This is a vintage Nad 6240 cassette tape Deck player recorder that is tested, it offers an 6 mp sensor system that can track and track down recordings of classic rock and blues. It also can track live sound and video, additionally, it can save recordings as well as post us for you to view. The Nad cassette Deck is a powerful envelope amplifier made in japan, it features an 2400 of power and an 2-disc cd record output. The Deck is conjointly available with a monitorsrée design, this card is best-in-the-class for playing 2400 music and grants an octagonal shape. The Nad 6050 c 2-head vintage cassette Deck is an excellent substitute to have some music in the evening while you continue your movie project, this Deck imparts the 2-head vintage cassette with it and is wm sound. The era is from the Nad 6051.