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Nakamichi 480 2 Head Cassette Deck

This nakamichi 4800 2 head cassette deck player is a great cond tested aluminum face card player that is available in 2 forms; tandem or head. This player has 2 audio ports, yes 2, so you can add another teller to your customer list. The card deck is about in the middle of the two ranges, with a bit of a full range extension. Theiiiiiiinq status light illuminates the range indicating the player is in fact a 2 head cassette decker.

Nakamichi 480 Cassette Deck

Nakamichi is a japanese cassette deck that has been used by japanese musicians for many years. It is a cornered deck that play nakamichi vierl tapes. It has a wav audio quality and is easy to use. the nakamichi cassette deck is not only a fantastic option for the musician in your organization, but it's also versatile enough to be used with or without a tapes. You can use it to play nakamichi vierl tapes, play it while recording, or all three at the same time. The deck also has a fast forward and reverse option, as well as +/- 10 minutes of play time. the nakamichi cassette deck is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. You can either use the keyboard on your computer or connect the cassette deck to the computer with a cable. The deck also includes a microphone and a speaker. whether you're a musician looking to buy or use a nakamichi cassette deck, it's sure to be a valuable tool in your organization.

Nakamichi 480 2 Head Cassette Deck Walmart

This nakamichi 4800 2 head cassette deck player is working condition. It is in good condition with no problems. It is a great addition to any collection. this nakamichi 4800z deck is fully serviced and in great condition. It comes with 2 heads, a audio out and power in. This deck is perfect forcing music or video. this nakamichi 480 2 head cassette deck is a vintage grade card deck that is good for parts repair and other related tasks. This deck has 2 head cards with mca series name and year. The cards are in excellent condition and are as is for use in the home or office. This nakamichi 4800 deck is a great deal at $100. this is an as-is nakamichi 480 2 head cassette deck. This deck has no shows and is in excellent condition. It features 2 heads, making it the perfect choice for a new music listener.