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4 Head Cassette Deck

The 4 tr2 ch is a new original Head for v-850 xv-770 v-750 v-2 rx 5378901300, it is a low-noise sound card and it provides you with excellent performance. It is compatible with v-850 xv-770 v-750 v-2 rx 5378901300.

Akai GXC-570D All Solenoid Pro, Monitor off Tape, 4 Motors, 3 Heads - WORKING!
Kenwood KX-W6020 4 Head Dual Cassette Dolby NR Processor Deck

Kenwood 3-head Cassette Decks

The kenwood w-790 r is an 3-headed cassette Deck that comes with two cassette decks and a record deck, it is terrific for a phone call or a record store. The Deck can be set to play auto, reverse, or play back on demand, there is a phone jack and a jack of which can be used to pedals and agons. The sony dtc-77 es is a first-rate Deck for recording audio or video, it is facile to operate and can handle most audio and video projects. The Deck also includes a mic input and an output for use as a video camera, this player is further effortless to operate with a standard familiarization code. The kenwood kx-w6020 4 Head dual cassette Deck is top-grade for listening to your music playback with or without sound, it features two cassette decks, side by side, for button access to your music and tournament games, and a "stereo" logo on the front. The Deck is also with d-ynchro-coating for protection against stylus damage, the denon dr-m4 stereo cassette tape Deck is a wonderful piece of equipment whenever searching for a top-grade listening experience with basic drag and drop options for your music collection. This Deck also features a vtg capstan 3 head, making it facile to manage your music library and keep track of your playback schedule.